It’s been a while!

I can't even remember when I posted my last entry. Anyway. I just wanted to bid a sweet sweet goodbye to the by far, the worst year I've had. Mentally, emotionally, physically, academically. This is the year I got sick the most. I was also super emotionally unstable. In school, there was a lot. I … Continue reading It’s been a while!


Pain just feels right

I thought I could manage my depression on my own, without anyone's help. I never thought I would actually reach this point. I thought I love myself enough to not cut myself. Lately I've been having thoughts, or should I say feelings(???), of self-harming. In my case, I cut myself without the intention of actually killing … Continue reading Pain just feels right

On Loving Myself

I always considered myself as an independent and confident person. I never thought of myself as someone who needs somebody else's opinion to continue doing my own thing. I didn't need or want other's validation. I thought I loved myself enough to just keep on being me. Well, yeah, I love myself just the way … Continue reading On Loving Myself

Let It Out

Feel the pain, burst in tears.What words can't say, let your tears explain. Build walls and let no one in. Shut your eyes, cover your ears. Cry... and scream... your heartache and sorrow and distress, the emotional torture you face. Fill the room with your pain. Cry, until you cannot breathe. Cry, until you drown in … Continue reading Let It Out