It’s been a while!

I can’t even remember when I posted my last entry.

Anyway. I just wanted to bid a sweet sweet goodbye to the by far, the worst year I’ve had. Mentally, emotionally, physically, academically.

This is the year I got sick the most. I was also super emotionally unstable. In school, there was a lot. I mean a LOOOOOT of class suspensions. This last sem was practically canceled. Because of this, our academic requirements (papers, reports, exams, etc) piled up and therefore caused a lot of mental breakdowns.

But despite these, I am still thankful for I learned a lot from these challenges.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say that these experiences taught me life-changing lessons. How?

Well, again, the academic requirements of this sem became overwhelmingly unmanageable towards the end. There came a point when I just didn’t know what do, where or how to start.

Being a responsible student I am, I went to Youtube to distract myself instead of facing my requirements. I would normally regret this decision of spending time on the Internet instead of being productive. But not this time. I came across this then newly uploaded video from Buzzfeed titled “I tried minimalism for a week”. And I, knowing barely anything about minimalism, got curious and played the video.

I did not regret it.

The woman in the video is talking about how she thought she’d feel empty walking into an empty house, but she felt exactly the opposite. so on and so on. Basically, she was talking about how liberated she felt during her minimalist week.

Then I got inspired, got out of bed, and started cleaning up my room. I did not get rid of a lot of stuff immediately, but I was sure able to throw a lot of trash I didn’t realize I kept for a long time.

It was physically exhausting but it sure cleared not just the clutter in my room but also my mind!

Ok, I realized this post is getting too detailed about minimalism and I’m too lazy to delete and edit. I’ll just end this entry with my point here and promise to post another writing about my minimalism journey.

So what’s my point again? All my stresses led me to discovering a new way of life which significantly improved my stress management and well-being.


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